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and i sat amongst the silence that's not exactly silent.  the lapping of the water around the dock seemed rhythmic with my thoughts.  i picked up the chatter of what birds are left this time of year in between the ringing in my ears from the auditory abuse, that i use to keep the world out of my life.  the air was crisp, but not chilling at all. i was perfectly comfortable in my favorite blue-jeans and hooded sweatshirt.  it was fresh and tasted clean.  i felt as if i were breathing with new lungs, ones that weren't damaged from all the stale air that i've been breathing for years.
i feel safe here.  it's the only reminder i have left of better times, that weren't as good as my child's mind presumed they were.  the cookouts, and swimming, fireworks and late night thunderstorms with the smartest man i know.  everything that i used to be, all the things i used to know flood my head with emotion.  i
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here, here... :iconzero-code:zero-code 0 0
forget the map-lets just go
And where do we go from here?
I've been thinking anywhere warm.
we could sit out all night and watch the stars
dot the sky as I strum clumsy chords
and paint this auditory canvas with
the words I never can say.
how did we come to this?
What put us in each others lives?
Be it fate or intelligent design,
I couldn't care what got us to this point,
Just thankful for this time.
There's a reason to this rhyme
I'm still shaking from when
we were attached at the lips.
And how nervous was I for that first kiss.
And that last mile before I see your face.
I'm not sure I could find a song for this.
I heard Italy was nice this time of year,
We could follow the coast, just disappear.
I told you I'd follow you
Where ever you wanted
there nothing stopping us
In this moment.
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the west coast.... :iconzero-code:zero-code 0 0
Knuckles worked down to the bone.  Still I live in a starving home.  I take in all the work I can.  Same old story that never ends.  I know I am ment for more than this.  Excapist trained in mass production.  Tough as nails, hard as steel.  But how long till’ I break?  I fear the day, I fear today.  Sweat stings my eyes.  Pushing through to stay alive.  One foot forward, means two behind.  How can I progress with this anchore tied to my wrists?  I know I am meant for more than this.  Excapist trained in mass production.  Tough as nails, hard as steel.  But how long till’ I break? I fear the day, I fear today.  As the food falls from my plate.  I keep bottled all this hate.  Waiting for the day when I can finally be free.  I know I am meant for more than this.  Excapist
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Survivalist :iconzero-code:zero-code 0 0
The road sign said
The road sign said "turn here"
words by john dascoulias
(Verse 1.)
Ten hours and twenty stitches later.
I found my heart on my sleeve
next to the scar you left for me.
Sleepless nights,
Days spent wondering if I'm alive.
When the sun goes down,
will you remember I'm there?
(remember i'm there)
When things fall apart,
I'll put back all the pieces.
(all the pieces)
When you're all alone,
will you think of me?
(think of me)
And if i run will you follow...(follow.)
(Verse 2.)
I give my advice away like spare change
(eventually I'll run out.)
I know you're not listening,
but I can pretend anyway.
My heart's a sidewalk, cracked with age.
You walk on it despite the damage done.
It's ok you forgot how I feel,
I forgot too.
I know, this is where it ends.
And i begin
When the sun goes down,
will you remember I'm there?
(remember i'm there)
When things fall apart,
I'll put back all the pieces.
(all the pieces)
When you're all alone,
will you think of me?
(think of me)
And if i r
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Mature content
Like Hell :iconzero-code:zero-code 0 0
it's crazy when it all comes together,
the eyes of the blind, now able to see.
a hole gaping wide,
a view to the inside
there's something missing.
i drink too much
to make you disappear
or just to cure what the pills can't.
there's something wrong,
the medication must have missed.
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(verse 1)
they said
it was for a good cause.
i say they're wrong...
so wrong...
so blind....
go make
a man of yourself.
make your country proud...
to you...
march away now to your death
war is ended in a breath.
what they take,
they'll never see.
what they take is you from me.
(verse 3)
be all that
you can be.
i say be yourself.
you gotta resist this tyranny.
for what?
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Digital Boy
Made of plastic.
His innards a tangled mess of wires.
Body showing wear with age
and rust from time.
A beating heart
would be helpful
a soul
would be wishful,
and blood instead of oil
would make him happy.
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if all else fails...
If all else fails…join the army
I give my advice like spare change
(Eventually I'll run out)
Sad when you don't know yourself
when you lay your head down at night.
You ask yourself the typical questions
that you haven't the answers for.
So why are you asking them
I'm like a dog chasing its tail.
(I'll never get anywhere)
I find myself thinking
Maybe they were right
The military would have been a better choice.
At least I'd have something to show for myself.
Hell, maybe dad would even be proud of me.
(For once)
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Lost on the corner of White...
I found you,
lying upon the pavement
so cracked and torn.
I plucked from your resting place,
unfolding your wings like butterfly.
Who were you in days of glory?
What happened to make you so empty?
Your skin so weathered with age.
Face marked with a name.
A band?
A drug?
Under your left wing a person,
a star.
Carelessness landed you here
baking in July sun.
Did he know you were left behind?
like fallen soldiers on the battlefield.
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Blinded by this
what were the words she said?
"This could last forever"
when "this" is on its last leg.
I've had enough, over flowing.
My patience filled to the brim.
Spilling thoughts and phrases
left unheard.
So lets take this argument
spun out of control.
And throw this relationship
into the cold.
Sever these ties like veins,
and lets lie here and bleed.
Drowning in the simplicity
of all this.
So beautiful, this tragedy.
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A mark, a Scar
Sifting through the sands of my past
finding each part of who I used to be
by who I am now.
Like some type of self awareness
I see the light so clearly now,
through this dark veil of mistrust held over my eyes.
I blinked, and you were gone.
But we know it happened
for we carry the scars
to prove it though all this time.
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Beautiful Disaster
So extravagant
crazy, chaotic.
So elaborate
yet simplistic in design.
This world,
this life we lead.
This love,
heart bleeds.
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that i still can sleep?
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United States
there really isn't much to say about me. i'm a musician, vocalist, student, artist and writer. ask me stuff...if you really care to find out.

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